National lender database for mortgage brokers.

Lender Connect is a secure web-based delivery channel combining third party, public and proprietary data, giving brokers the best and most comprehensive insights available to access Australian mortgage lenders. Regardless of your aggregation group this platform is a one-stop-shop that will give brokers a bird’s eye view of the entire market.

Lender Connect offers an affordable subscription model to access its platform to help brokers manage their mortgage business. Access hundreds of approved lenders not included on standard aggregation panels.


Our Services


Scam Radar

Provides information to brokers about how to recognise, avoid and report predatory lending.

Audited & Approved

Database independently audited and approved by FBETA an ​Industry Association for Finance and Mortgage Brokers.

No facilitation fees

Affordable monthly subscription with no associated fees and full access to the approved national database.

Lender Register

Our technology connects mortgage brokers directly with over 400+ sources of capital (Mortgage trusts, family offices, private lenders and non-banks). Lender connect publishes interest rates, contact details and verify's lenders data against the ASIC database.

Lender Check

Do business with confidence. Eliminate time waster financial offers with the lender verification Wizard. This tool will simplify verification of information required for assessing mortgage lenders and is compliant with AML processes.

Unique Dashboard

Our Lender Visualisation tool will give you answers fast and a breakdown of loan products across 21 loan types.


Below we’ve provided some info on how we work and our technology.

Who are we?

Lender Connect is a technology company providing software to the financial services industry. Our vision is for a better connected mortgage industry. Our platform provides quality, integrity, technical excellence, exceptional service and a database of financial products for mortgage brokers. All data on our platform is verified and audited by the FBETA.

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